More from Bang on a Can

Bang on a Can, the group that brought you Sunday’s 12-plus-hour orgy of free music at the World Financial Center’s Winter Garden on Sunday, is really pouring it on this week.

On Wednesday, BoaC is looking to make a little money to fund its future and to help keep the marathon free, with a $400-a-person benefit dinner, complete with some great performances, at Le Poisson Rouge at 158 Bleecker Street in Greenwich Village. Performers at this big-ticket event include Meredith Monk, Steve Reich (with Bang on a Can All-Stars’ percussionist, David Cossin), pipa master Wu Man, cellist Maya Beiser, percussion quartet Talujon, and video artist Doug Aitken.

And, showing its wry sense of humor, Bang on a Can has created a second, far more affordable way to support its worthy endeavors: The Bang on a Can’t Afford the Other Benefit, which will set you back just $20. It’s also at LPR, following the benefit dinner at 9:30 pm. And just because the pricetag is much, much lower doesn’t mean the players will be any less illustrious. The list includes: So Percussion , Gutbucket , Newspeak (with violinist Todd Reynolds as featured guest, sitting in for Caleb Burhans) and NOW Ensemble.

So, if you can afford the $400 benefit, come on down — and stay for the afterparty.

If you can’t afford that, then shell out $20 for the great afterparty.

Either way, you’ll be aiding the noble cause of new music in New York.

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