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Kristin Mueller steps into the spotlight tonight (video)

Kristin Mueller is serious locked in with her bandmates in Lucinda Black Bear. (© 2010, Steven P. Marsh/www.willyoumissme.com)

Kristin Mueller is serious locked in with her bandmates in Lucinda Black Bear. (© 2010 Steven P. Marsh/www.willyoumissme.com)

In-demand freelance drummer celebrates her move to Brooklyn with a set of her own songs at Park Slope’s Union Hall

You know Kristin Mueller‘s name. You’ve seen her name on this blog, and have read about her elsewhere. You’ve almost surely seen her behind the drum kit in many great local, national, and international acts — from Lucinda Black Bear and Gloria Deluxe to Dan Zanes and DBR (Daniel Bernard Roumain), along with some of Cynthia Hopkins’ stage shows.

What you may not realize is that she’s an accomplished singer-songwriter, too. But she’s so busy drumming for others that her own work has taken a  back seat. (It’s hard to believe, but it looks like she hadn’t released anything under her name before this year’s Deserts & Long Trails — which you can buy on Bandcamp by tapping or clicking here — since Ports of Call in 2006.)

Here’s a video of “Fault” from Deserts & Long Trails:

If you’ve seen her play, her percussion skills aren’t even slightly in doubt. She’s an energetic drummer who is always laser-focused and locked in on her bandmates. But she’s no slouch as a songwriter, either. While her songs exhibit the colors of indie country and pop rock,  like many of the bands she works with. But she’s followed her own path, resulting in a distinctive, personal take on the genres.

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Lucinda Black Bear: tonight’s the night

Lucinda Black Bear at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn. (Copyright 2010, Steven P. Marsh)

Lucinda Black Bear‘s new album, Knives, was officially released on Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 2. But for the Brooklyn-based band’s New York fans, Friday, Nov. 5, is the day to elect LBB to most-favored-band status.

If you don’t know Lucinda Black Bear, you should. Check out “Percival,” a track from the new album, by following this link. The new disk is full of great tunes. And read more about the band right here on Will You Miss Me When I’m Gone?

The melodic, country-inflected folk-rock ensemble is celebrating the new album with a show at 92Y Tribeca, 200 Hudson Street. You can be sure that frontman Christian Gibbs and his stalwart bandmates will rock the house with selections from the great new album (available now on iTunes, eMusic, CD Baby and, of course, at the venue) and old favorites.

8 p.m., Friday, Nov. 5. 92Y Tribeca, 200 Hudson St., Manhattan. Tickets for the show are $12. Call (212) 601-1000 or click here. Cheyenne frontman Beau Jennings performing a solo set at 9. LBB is slated to take the stage at 10.

Lucinda Black Bear gearing up for new album release

Lucinda Black Bear (Chad Hammer, Christian Gibbs, Kristin Mueller, Mike Cohen) onstage at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn in February. (Photos copyright 2010, Steven P. Marsh)

Read on to download a free track

It’s good to see Lucinda Black Bear gearing up for a new album. And the first track, “Percival,” is out and it’s great. It’s also a song that conveniently references bears — in this case dancing bears, a subject that might get PETA interested!

Lucinda Black Bear is an energetic country-folk-rock band fronted by one of Will You Miss Me’s favorite musicians, Christian Gibbs. We discovered him when he joined the band for Passing Strange on Broadway, and quickly revealed himself as a fantastic guitarist and an all-around charismatic presence.

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