New Music Bake Sale: Music, Conversation, Beer and, yes, actual baked goods!

Arturo en el Barco's Bake Sale table featured cupcakes and particularly tasty flan de queso. (Photos copyright 2010, Steven P. Marsh)

The 2nd Annual New Music Bake Sale took over the decrepitly beautiful Irondale Center’s space in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, on Saturday, Sept. 25 for more than six hours.

The concept was pretty simple: Bring together a bunch of people who make new music — performers, producers, record companies and the like — in a place where they can make music, talk about music, drink beer and sell sweet and savory baked goods to raise money for their efforts.

Kathleen Supové at her Bake Sale table.

We don’t know how successful the financial part of the evening was, but the place was constantly full of people and activity throughout the event. We sampled the food, beer and music and found it excellent — especially the Sixpoint Sweet Action!

Many of our favorite New Music folks were there throughout the evening, including, but hardly limited to, Todd Reynolds, Matt Marks, Mellissa Hughes, Courtney Orlando, Ken Thomson, Jessica Schmitz, Ted Hearne, David T. Little, Steven Swartz, Glenn Cornett, Franz Nicolay, Caleb Burhans, Kathleen Supové and Oscar Bettison.

Todd Reynolds and Ken Thomson perform Ken's "Storm Drain."

We can hardly wait for next year’s event.

But enough words. Let’s get to the images. Click through to the jump for more photos.

Mivos quartet

Dither with Mantra Percussion

Kathleen Supové's littlest fan.

Newspeak performs Oscar Bettison's "B&E (with aggravated assault)"

Mellissa Hughes sings Jascha Narveson's "Brother, Can You Spare A Dime?" with Newspeak.

Bagpiper Matthew Welch may have been the biggest surprise of the evening, evoking responses ranging from adoration to fingers-in-ears flight!

Ensemble de Sade performing the world premiere of Matt Marks' "I don't respond," with Mellissa Hughes as a blow-up sex doll!

Mellissa Hughes and Matt Marks with Ensemble de Sade.

Matt Marks, Mike Gurfield, Jessica Schmitz and Courtney Orlando in Ensemble de Sade.

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