Kelly Flint’s fourth act

Kelly Flint

If you remember the great NYC lounge band Dave’s True Story, you know Kelly Flint, the flame-haired singer, who doubled as the band’s smoldering sex symbol (apologies to frontman Dave Cantor and bass player Jeff Eyrich).

Late in DTS’s history, Kelly, who’s married to Jeff, gave birth to Ben, their beautiful son. Then she started performing as a singer-songwriter, moving into a very simple, confessional sort of performing — just girl and her guitar, sometimes with bass backing — which was something she has told me she had wanted to do for years.

But now comes the lovely Kelly’s fourth act, as an actress.

She hit the stage of Manhattan Repertory Theatre last night, and will appear again tonight and tomorrow, in a staging of Man on the Moon, a play by William Holland. It’s one of two works in Manhattan Rep’s Spring Play Festival 2010. Kelly’s not giving any clues about her character in the play, but she does have the female lead. I wish I could get there to see her make what surely will be a star turn. But I’m already booked elsewhere for all her performances.

If you go, please let your fellow Will You Miss Me When I’m Gone? readers know what it was like by sending in a full report.

Doors open at 8:30 pm and the show starts at 8:45, running an hour. Manhattan Rep Theater, 303 West 42nd St., 3rd Floor. $20 cash. Rservations: (646) 329-6588.


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