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On the road again: Satan and Adam tour rescheduled

Adam Gussow and Sterling "Mr. Satan" Magee

Adam Gussow and Sterling "Mr. Satan" Magee

As promised, Satan and Adam have worked out their scheduling issues and will be on tour in August. And this is a don’t-miss tour, because it’s probably the last time Adam Gussow and Sterling “Mr. Satan” Magee will be able to play in the Northeast (or anywhere more than a day’s trip from Satan’s Florida home).

Here’s Adam’s explanation:

We have rescheduled three of the gigs from our postponed June tour, and added two new dates.  Although Sterling will still be able to play occasional out-of-town dates from this point on, the word from his sister down in Florida is that all future touring will need to keep him away from home no more than three nights.  This means that our dates in Philly, Portsmouth NH, and Piermont NY are the last time you will be able to see Satan and Adam in those areas, except for possible fly-in dates.  We hope you’ll take this opportunity to show up and pay your respects to the one and only Mr. Satan, guitar-man of Harlem.

Satan and Adam playing on the street.

Satan and Adam playing on the street.

So far, the tour is short and sweet:

8/12:  Virginia Beach, VA – Jewish Mother (9 PM)

8/13:  Philadelphia, PA – World Cafe Live (7:30 PM, with special guest Charlie Sayles)

8/14:  Portmouth, NH – The Press Room (9 PM)

8/15:  Piermont, NY – The Turning Point (8 PM)

8/17:  Atlanta, GA – “blue Monday” party for Atlanta Harmonica Enthusiasts and others (7:30).  For info, please contact Jim McBride: bottle.blues@yahoo.com.  This party is open to the public, but only if you purchase an advance ticket from Jim.  Space is limited.  Potluck + BYOB.

Stay tuned to Will You Miss Me When I’m Gone? for updates and an in-depth interview with Adam. And check out Adam’s website for further information about Satan and Adam and Adam’s other endeavors.