Meg White weds Jackson Smith — in Jack White’s backyard! (Updated)

Meg White

Meg White

UPDATE: According to a statement on the White Stripes web site: “The wedding was officiated by the most reverend Benjamin Swank.” Swank is believed to be Benjamin “Swank” Smith, former drummer in the Soledad Brothers, a band that worked with Jack White.

Meg White and Jack White of the White Stripes must have had a good laugh when Meg decided to wed Jackson Smith in Jack’s Nashville backyard on Friday.

After all, Meg and Jack, ex-husband-and-wife, for years kept alive a tangled myth about their relationship, insisting that they were brother and sister, not ex-spouses who have continued to play together as the White Stripes long after their divorce.

Jackson Smith and his mom, Patti.

Jackson Smith and his mom, Patti.

So it seems fitting that Jack would somehow factor into the wedding of Meg and Jackson, who’s the son of rock poet Patti Smith and the late MC5 guitarist Fred “Sonic” Smith.

The other couple to marry in the double ceremony were Jack Lawrence — bass player in The Raconteurs and The Dead Weather, Jack’s other bands — and his girlfriend Jo McCaughey, the Associated Press reports.

There’s no word yet on whether Jack played any active role in the ceremony or simply provided the venue.

Congratulations to both happy couples!

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