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Stew stirs things up with fantastic new songs at Barbès

The hat was more crumpled at Barbès on July 25, but Stew's energy was at a peak. (Photo © 2012, Steven P.  Marsh)

The hat was more crumpled than this at Barbès on July 25 and Stew’s energy level seemed higher than usual. (Photo © 2012, Steven P. Marsh)

By the time his latest gig in his musical living room (aka Park Slope, Brooklyn, boîte Barbès) rolled around Thursday night, July 25, singer-songwriter and Tony Award winner Stew had dumped his original staged plan to play versions of his songs from Passing Strange and other numbers from his extensive repertoire.

Instead, he launched into a tight song cycle “inspired by recent events.” In other words, songs about George Zimmerman and the Trayvon Martin case. If yoy don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s time to get out from under that rock where you’ve been living and catch up on the news!

If you’re a Passing Strange fan who passed on the show for one reason or another and are thinking now that this make you feel OK about missing, hold that thought. I’m here to tell you differently. Continue reading

Sam Phillips leaves them wanting more

Sam Phillips

Sam Phillips

We’ve all heard the expression “always leave them wanting more” many times.

Whether in the context of showbiz or romance, the quote — attributed, with a great degree of uncertainty, to Walt Disney and P.T. Barnum — always seems applicable.

Sam Phillips' Push Any Button

Sam Phillips’ Push Any Button

Singer-songwriter Sam Phillips (the sexy former “Christian Cyndi Lauper” formerly known as Leslie Phillips) must have taken that to heart when she cut her new, self-released album, Push Any Button.

It clocks in at a splendidly listenable 29 minutes, with 10 tracks. And it definitely leaves them wanting more.

Her resolved wavered, though, after she finished the album.

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