Stew and Heidi to unveil works in progress in Brooklyn on Nov. 22 and 23

Heidi Rodewald and Stew, creators of Broadway's Passing Strange, are presenting a Brooklyn house party in November to share their works in progress.

Heidi Rodewald and Stew, creators of Broadway’s Passing Strange, are presenting a Brooklyn house party in November to share their works in progress.

Creators of Passing Strange and collaborators in The Negro Problem join the inaugural season at BRIC House

BRIC (Brooklyn Information and Culture), the organization behind the great Celebrate Brooklyn! concert series, is opening the BRIC Arts | Media House to provide a permanent stage for new and established artists to explore their work.

BRIC House, at 647 Fulton Street, next door to the BAM Harvey Theater, formally opens Oct. 3. And it already has a great lineup scheduled, including two-nights of creative mashups from Tony and OBIE Award winner Stew and longtime collaborator and OBIE Award winner Heidi Rodewald.

They’re the people behind Broadway’s Passing Strange and the core members of the band The Negro Problem.

In two performances in November, the pair will unveil a show that includes pieces of several projects they have in development, including three musicals, a video-art work, two song-cycles and poems and songs that likely will show up on their next record in some form.

More information and ticket links after the jump.

Here’s how they describe what they’re doing:

With Stew & Heidi’s Listening Party we’re gonna do something we’ve never done before: present an evening of entertainment based on a mash-up of all the future projects we’re working on. Essentially, it’s an evening of process as entertainment. Through this great opportunity BRIC has given us, we’ll be able to freely explore all the pieces that are in our heads (and on our calendars) at their various stages of development, all at the same time. Some of these commissioned pieces are embryonic while others we’ve been working on for years. They include everything from 3 full-blown musicals to a modest video-art piece about the neighborhood, along with two song-cycles and a collection of poems and songs that will be on our next record. And we’re pretty certain that out of this experimental approach, yet another piece will emerge. All the projects are set to debut in 2014/2015 both in and outside of New York. Stew & Heidi’s Listening Party is a chance to create a “work collage” of the artistic questions (and answers) which will inform our lives for the next two years. Like putting all our work on a bulletin board and listening to it.

They say BRIC has provided “not only an art space but an artistic head-space within which to think freely about our work and our process.”

The audience will discover the work along with the creators, in a way that is “un-chartered, scary & irreverent, even for us. In other words… just how we like it.”

Performances are at 7:30 p.m. Friday, Nov. 22 and Saturday, Nov. 23. Tickets, $10, are available online. Tap here for tickets to the Friday show or here for the Saturday performance.


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