Maxwell’s bowing out with a block party; many details still to be revealed

Patrons enter Maxwell's at 11th and Washington streets in Hoboken, on July 5, 2013, (Photo © 2013, Steven P. Marsh)

Maxwell’s at 11th and Washington streets in Hoboken, is planning a farewell block party on July 31. (Photo © 2013, Steven P. Marsh)
is reporting
that Maxwell’s, the restaurant and music
club in Hoboken, N.J., will make its farewell with a block party on
11th Street at Washington Street on July 31. It’s clearly an effort
by longtime booker and co-owner Todd
to make the 200-capacity club accessible to
the masses of people who will want to be a part of the venerated
venue’s last day. But a block party with DJ music as its final

No offense to The Jersey Journal’s reporter Charles
, who did the story for,
but I don’t think he got the whole story. What about the bands “a” and
The Bongos, who have made noises about their involvement in that
final show? And what about The Individuals, another band with
members in common with the other two, that’s been rumored to
perform as well? As of a couple of days ago, Abramson was still
working out details of the club’s finale. This was one of the irons
he had in the fire, though the details were not yet in place.
There’s more, much more, to this story: How many people will be
able to attend? How will they get in — first-come, first served or
tickets? Will there be a charge? If so, how much? What about
live music, for which Maxwell’s is famous? Stay tuned!

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