New York Times classical music critic Anthony Tommasini marries

Screen grab from music writer Tim Page's Facebook pages with his post about Anthony Tommasini's wedding.

Congratulations to Tony Tommasini and Ben McCommon

Music writer and USC prof Tim Page broke the news on his Facebook page earlier today: New York Times critic Anthony Tommasini married Ben McCommon in Manhattan on Friday.

The couple, who have been together for 21 years, tied the knot at New York City Hall, Page reports, complete with a photo of the happy couple displaying their wedding bands.

McCommon is a 1998 graduate of Columbia University’s medical school, is  assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at Columbia and attending psychiatrist at NewYork Presbyterian Hospital according to his hospital profile.

Tommasini, a Brooklyn native born in 1948, has been at the Times since 1996. He became chief classical music critic for the paper in 2000. He also is a pianist and the author of two books, Virgil Thomson: Composer on the Aisle, and Opera: A Critic’s Guide to the 100 Most Important Works and the Best Recordings.


One response to “New York Times classical music critic Anthony Tommasini marries

  1. ” Or all through your life you may dream all alone! now dream together! Congratulations! and God Bless you Carmela Altamura
    Altamura/Caruso International Voice Competition

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