In C Remixed


If you’re lucky enough to be in New York City next Sunday, don’t miss out on an amazing opportunity to witness a live performance of one of the 20th Century’s defining pieces of music, Terry Riley‘s In C.

The Grand Valley State University New Music Ensemble is bringing its version of In C to the stage at (Le) Poisson Rouge on Nov. 8 to celebrate the release of its fantastic new recording, In C Remixed.

The GVSU ensemble obviously can’t reproduce the album — which features the recording of the title piece and 18 remixes by some of today’s best sonic manipulators — in a concert setting. But the show will feature live remixing by composer and sound designer Dennis DeSantis (one of the album’s remixers), videos by album remixer R. Luke DuBois, and an opening set by the Slow Boys (comprising digital violin genius Todd Reynolds and bass clarinetist and composer Michael Lowenstern, who also contributed remixes).


Terry Riley

This is a show that requires homework, albeit very pleasant homework. Here’s your assignment:

Before the show — best to do it now — download In C Remixed from your favorite digital music source. (It’s available now at and on iTunes. If you want a physical CD, you’ll have to wait until Nov. 17.)

In C, has shaped the world of contemporary composition in so many ways since it premiered in 1964. It has lived on in repeated performances by all sorts of ensembles, including an all-star group that brought it to the main stage of Carnegie Hall in April (amazingly, for the first time ever in the venerable concert space).

Because of its structure, the composition has become the gift that keeps giving to listeners. While it’s recognizable no matter who plays it, it is on some level a different piece every time it’s performed, changing with the mix of players, the variations in instrumentation and the time allotted for the performance. This new recording by GVSU, which made a huge splash with its 2007 Bang on a Can Marathon performance (and followup recording) of Steve Reich’s Music for 18 Musicians, continues that exciting tradition, both with its short-ish  (20:43) performance of the piece and the wide range of creative remixes.

You  can find out more about In C Remixed by clicking here.

The GVSU New Music Ensemble brings the show to (Le) Poisson Rouge, 158 Bleecker Street, Manhattan. (212) 505-3474. Doors at 6:30 pm, show at 7:30.  Click here for more info or here for tickets. $15 in advance.

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  2. If you can’t wait until Nov 17 you can buy physical Cds direct from the label that will ship within hours:

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