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Darker and more deviant than ever: The Tiger Lillies at St. Ann’s Warehouse

Martyn Jacques, darker than dark, with a voice like a countertenor from Hell!

The Tiger Lillies' frontman Martyn Jacques at St. Ann's Warehouse: Darker than dark, with a voice like a countertenor from Hell! (Photos copyright 2009, Steven P. Marsh)

The Tiger Lillies are at St. Ann’s Warehouse in Dumbo, Brooklyn, tonight. You should be too.

The dark and cynical British trio (their web site declares them to be “The world’s formost Death Oompah band”) took the stage there last night for the first of two shows celebrating the 20th anniversary of the band. The result was a spectacularly entertaining romp through the enormous Tiger Lillies catalogue of deviance and black humor, including their award-winning work for the off-Broadway show Shockheaded Peter.

Behind the cynical exterior is musical genius. Jacques sings — often in a falsetto or countertenor range oozing with evil — and commands the stage in white face makeup that gives him the air of a demented, evil clown He’s supported by his bandmates, who bring their own amusing styles to the show: bassist Adrian Stout (the tall one), who grins a bit and mugs from time to time,  and drummer Adrian Huge (the stout one), who is the complete clown of the group.

The Tiger Lillies perform at 8 o’clock tonight. St. Ann’s Warehouse, 38 Water Street, Dumbo, Brooklyn. Tickets are still available. Click here for more info. $32.

Adrian Huge is angry.

Adrian Huge is angry.

Here’s a taste of The Tiger Lillies performing “Angry” at Raimundhof in Vienna, Austria last February:

Check out a host of photos of last night’s madness after the jump.

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