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Jon Langford and a Maxwell’s memory lapse

The Jon Langford Threesome, from left, at Maxwell's: Tony Maimone, Steve Goulding, Jon Langford. (Photo © 2013, Steven P. Marsh)

The Jon Langford Threesome, from left, at Maxwell’s: Tony Maimone, Steve Goulding, Jon Langford. (Photo © 2013, Steven P. Marsh)

Jon Langford looked truly puzzled on the stage of Maxwell’s.

The Jon Langford Threesome's set list at Maxwell's. (Photo © 2013, Steven P. Marsh)

The Jon Langford Threesome’s set list at Maxwell’s. (Photo © 2013, Steven P. Marsh)

The Welsh-born rocker has played at the Hoboken, N.J., club many times — “37 1/2… the half because tonight’s not done yet” — over the years in many bands, from the Mekons to the Three Johns.

On Tuesday, July 9, his show was billed as “Jon Langford’s Threesome feat. Tony Maimone and Steve Goulding performing Mekons, Waco Bros. and Jon Langford songs from throughout the centuries

“Did the Waco Brothers ever play here,” he asked, during a portion of the set where his cranked out several of that band’s best-loved tunes.

“Three times!” came the cry from the crowd.

The crowd gathers in the back room at Maxwell's for the Jon Langford Threesome. (Photo © 2013, Steven P. Marsh)

The crowd gathers in the back room at Maxwell’s for the Jon Langford Threesome. (Photo © 2013, Steven P. Marsh)

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Holy huaraches, El Vez brings his Mex-Mas cheer to town tonight!

El Vez: This is not what we had in mind for the Yule Log!

Talk about short notice!

Will You Miss Me When I’m Gone? just realized this morning that Mex-Mas is upon us. December chill is in the air, and the scent of corn tortillas baking on the stone is everywhere, along with bags of oranges in red plastic stockings.

And you know what else Mex-Mas brings:

A visit from the one, the only El Vez (aka The Mexican Elvis).

That visit for New Yorkers is tonight (Wednesday, Dec. 5)  at Littlefield, 622 DeGraw St., Brooklyn. Tickets are $20 and available by clicking this link.

Doors are at 8 p.m. Comedian Jessica Delfino opens, followed by Corn Mo. And then, at 9:45, Mex-Mas will arrive!

Sorry for the late notice, but El Vez didn’t keep us posted on his tour dates this year. El Vez has done an annual Merry Mex-Mas tour for a long time. (El Vez 4 Prez is is other specialty, but that’s really only every four years.) Continue reading

Merry MexMas with El Vez and Los Straitjackets

El Vez rocks The Bowery Ballroom. (Photos copyright 2009, Steven P. Marsh)

The holidays have given Will You Miss Me When I’m Gone? plenty of shows to check out, but little time to say much about them. So today is catch-up day on one of the season’s most enjoyable holiday shows:  El Vez, the Mexican Elvis, and masked surf rockers Los Straitjackets.

El Vez and Los Straitjackets filled the Bowery Ballroom with their special brand of Christmas spirit on Saturday night, Dec. 5.

El Vez is serious.

It put an awesome new spin on El Vez’s longstanding Merry MexMas holiday tour, as Los Straitjackets brought a slightly different musical sensibility to El Rey de Rock ‘n Roll’s show. El Vez normally tours with his own band, the Memphis Mariachis.

El Vez in Santa suit.

The new pairing freshened El Vez’s wonderful mash-ups of traditional holiday songs with punk and rock classics.

If you weren’t there, you missed a real treat. Be sure to plan early next year. Enjoy the photos.

Punk rock lives

The Zeros reunited.

The Zeros reunited: Hector Penalosa, Robert Lopez, Javier Escovedo and Baba Chenelle.

It was a perfect meeting of punk minds on Monday night at Maxwell’s in Hoboken when contemporary punk rockers The Choke opened a set for The Zeros, a band from the first wave of original LA punk that’s on a reunion tour.

Javier Escovedo onstage at Maxwell's.

Javier Escovedo onstage at Maxwell's.

Between the two bands, the packed room got two solid sets of high-energy punk, with the opening act paying homage to the headliners by playing their new take on totally old-school ideas.

It was hard to believe that The Zeros hit the scene more than 30 years ago. All four — Javier Escovedo, Hector Penalosa, Robert Lopez and Baba Chenelle — were high school students in Chula Vista, Calif., when they started in 1976. Although they’re often referred to as the Mexican Ramones, they didn’t know anything about those NYC punk rockers when they got their start.

Javier comes from a rock family, and played with his brother Alejandro Escovedo in The True Believers, while Robert has developed an international career as El Vez, The Mexican Elvis (an act that, as I learned at The Zeros set, is heavily influenced by Robert’s high school experience).

Robert Lopez, aka El Vez

Robert Lopez, aka El Vez

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