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A feline diversion

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We interrupt our normally scheduled programming for a nonmusical announcement:

The Will You Miss Me When I’m Gone? household is about to adopt four cats. Yep, four feline Americans, as a friend describes cats. In one fell swoop. They are scheduled to arrive next Saturday, Aug. 20.

Let me explain: Their person, an Upper West Side woman I’ve never met, took at tumble earlier this year and has been in a nursing home since then. Her relatives are moving her out West, and the cats can’t go with her. So they needed a home, something we discovered through the magic of facebook and friends at the the Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine in Manhattan, where their person once worked.

So we’ll soon welcome Smudge (the eldest, a Siamese), Ari, Opal and Menace (blind in one eye, the youngest and most active and least-reserved of the bunch!) into our little house. What a beautiful thing it’ll be.

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