Young Marble Giants’ Stuart Moxham on NYC Tribute to ‘Colossal Youth’: ‘Standing Ovation’ (Video)

Young Marble Giants tribute organizers Tom Shad on bass and Renée LoBue on vocals. (© 2015, Steven P. Marsh/

Young Marble Giants tribute organizers Tom Shad on bass and Renée LoBue on vocals. (© 2015, Steven P. Marsh/

Last Thursday, the album “Colossal Youth” —  an enduring post-punk gem by Welsh trio Young Marble Giants — got quite a workout.

First, the original three members of the band, brothers Stuart Moxham (guitar and keyboards) and Phil Moxham (bass)  and vocalist Alison Statton, reunited in London for a little thing called the Meltdown festival, curated by David Byrne.

Five hours later, a crew of indie-rock veterans from New York and New Jersey gathered in an East Village bar to play the influential album in a tribute show organized by Dumptruck bassist Tom Shad and Elk City vocalist Renée LoBue.

Stuart Moxham, in particular, was touched by the idea that New York rockers would be honoring his band’s work on the same night of the Meltdown reunion. He expressed a touch of sadness that he couldn’t be there to see it — as he was otherwise occupied.

But Tom Shad made sure the festivities were captured on video for Stuart and for posterity.

Will You Miss Me When I’m Gone? asked Stuart to share a few thoughts after he had a chance to watch it. (He says it took him awhile because his smartphone crapped out on the video and he had to get to an Internet cafe to watch.) See what Stuart had to say, in its entirety, after the jump.

The set list from the NYC Tribute to Young Marble Giants,

The set list from the NYC Tribute to Young Marble Giants, “Colossal Youth” at HiFi Bar in Manhattan’s East Village on Aug. 27, 2015. (© 2015, Steven P. Marsh/

Stuart Moxham writes::

Man, the whole shebang was so good-natured. I smiled like a loon all the way through – my face hasn’t ached like that since my wedding day – concrete grin! I’m glad you guys had fun and did such a great job of figuring it all out and giving it your legendary NY energy. It’s really moving. Phew.

What’s interesting are the tiny differences – and how the poor buggers who had to play my guitar and keyboard parts interpreted some of the less decipherable stuff – it took me a while, when I came to relearn it all, in 2007. Muscle memory; how long does that last?

I empathised with the guitarists – it’s fascinating to see someone playing that stuff. (And enjoying it.) The tension is universal!

I like the way that “The Clock” was used behind Renee’s  introduction to the gig.

“Searching For Mr Right” was immaculate.

“Include Me Out” – a great vocal performance/interpretation. You trumped us by having the slide guitar part too….

HiFi Bar owner Mike Stuto contributes

HiFi Bar owner Mike Stuto contributes “vocals” to “The Taxi” at the NYC Tribute to Young Marble Giants, “Colossal Youth” on Aug. 27, 2015. (© 2015, Steven P. Marsh/

God bless John B [Ed.: John Baumgartner of Speed the Plough] for his keys on “The Taxi” – and again you beat us by having the “vocal” on megaphone. [Ed.: HiFi owner Mike Stuto did the “vocal.] “Damn!

Speed the Plough's Toni Baumgartner sings

Speed the Plough’s Toni Baumgartner sings “Eating Noddemix,” a number that gave husband and bandmate John Baumgartner, seated left, a break from keyboard duties. (© 2015, Steven P. Marsh/

“Eating Noddemix” was brilliant – Alison wrote a tough one to sing but then there’s always

“Constantly Changing”….man, that was excellent!

Eszter Balint delivered

Eszter Balint delivered “N.I.T.A.” beautifully, despite her cold. (© 2015, Steven P. Marsh/

“N.I.T.A. is my personal favourite YMG song and these folks really got the emotions  out of it.

I LOVE  this rendition of “Colossal Youth”.

Wow, “Music For Evenings” – now I see the darkness in our stuff….

“The Man Amplifier” – I never realised how sexy some of those lyrics are – – again seeing it from the audience perspective is surprisingly revealing.

“Choci Loni” Tom Takes A Break – well earned. Actually that part is played on the Bass, Tom! Sounds great on guitar tho.

“Wurlitzer Jukebox” is so cool –  Andy Wellington did a great job there.

“Salad Days” yeah, a stunner here.

“Credit In The Straight World” yep, that’s a great vocal right there and a rocking rendition!

“Brand – New Life” fascinating.

“Wind In The Rigging” A meisterwerk on the drums and well done JB!

“Final Day” Can I join your band please?

*Standing ovation*




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