Bachelorette playing an intimate show in Brooklyn before hitting the road with The Magnetic Fields

Annabel Alpers of Bachelorette

One-woman act makes dreamy, psychedelia-tinged pop

There’s something about Bachelorette, the nom de rock of New Zealander Annabel Alpers, that’s immediately appealing. Our very first impression of her is that she’s a self-directed Beth Orton who charts her own course without being at the mercy of producers and DJs.

If your first exposure to this Drag City recording artist’s dreamy, pyschedelic girl-group sound is via her most recent recordings, you might not agree. But check out this video, recording in someone’s living room, on the Australian music blog Polaroids of Androids, and you’re more likely to understand.

She’s not as folkie as Beth Orton, but she has a dreamy, somewhat fragile voice and a knack for lovely melody that evokes an Orton for a new generation, one who knows how to loop and manipulate sound live.

Bachelorette is spending this month supporting The Magnetic Fields, who are touring their upcoming Love At The Bottom Of The Sea album, which is out next Tuesday, March 6, on Merge. But if you want to check out this charming performer in a more intimate setting, keep this Sunday night, March 4, open. She’s playing a one-off headlining set at Cameo Gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, supported by Bermuda Bonnie and Baby Alpaca. Showtime is listed as 8 p.m., which means Bachelorette isn’t likely to hit the stage before 10.

If you don’t know where Cameo, an art and music space, is located, you’ll have a hard time locating the address on its website, since it’s not listed in any logical location, such as on the “About” or “Home” pages. Click on the ticket link at the top of any page on the site and you’ll find that it’s at93 N. 6th Street, Brooklyn map (between Berry and Wythe, behind the Lovin’ Cup cafe.) Phone is 718-302-1180.

Tickets are $10. You can buy them online at TicketFly.

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