It’s harvest time for Speed the Plough — and The Trypes, too

Speed the Plough: John Baumgartner, Dan Francia, Ian Francia, Michael Baumgartner, Marc Francia and Toni Baumgartner.

There are some big doings at Speed the Plough HQ. The latest incarnation of the band, a part of network of bands linked to The Feelies, has announced a deal for their new CD.

They’ve signed with Great Meadows, N.J, -based Dromedary Records, which will issue the band’s new disc, Shine, in August.  The lineup for the new album will feature the great guitar and vocal work of new Plough-man Ed Seifert (of Ed Seifert and the Stimulus Package, though you may also recognize Ed as The Feelies’ tech) and guest appearances by two former STPers and current members of Wild Carnation, Brenda Sauter (who’s also in The Feelies) and Rich Barnes.

What’s more, a compilation of tunes from The Trypes, another part of The Feelies’ family, is also nearing completion.

Click through to the jump for the full announcement. And be sure to check out the Speed the Plough website for updates.

It gives us great pleasure to announce that we’ve signed with New Jersey’s own Dromedary Records for the release of our next album, Shine, later this summer. The label was started in 1992 by our new pal and label head Al Crisafulli and includes an eclectic and expanding roster of bands. We’re real happy to be joining them. While Al often refers to Dromedary as a micro indie label, we think his enthusiasm and commitment to music are nothing short of macro. It’s nice to find a proper home after all these years.

“Shine will feature 11 songs, including new recordings of the Sunburst-era tracks “Madeleine” and “(Love is) The Best Revenge,” two from the Summer Sessions (”Honey Be” and “Lucky You”), a cover of Lee Hazelwood’s “Pour Man,” and six newly-minted tunes. In addition to new Plough member Ed Seifert on guitar and vocals, other contributors include Plough alumni Brenda Sauter and Rich Barnes on vocals and guitar, respectively, Eric Xu on violin and Will Coppola on trumpet. Final mixes are being completed at the Engine Room as this is being written and we’re planning to make a few songs available in the coming weeks. Watch for more news soon.

“As if that’s not enough, we’ve put the final touches on the tracks for the Trypes compilation, which will see the light of day on vinyl and digitally this summer. In addition to all the songs from The Explorer’s Hold, we dug deep into the archives for a collection of songs that span the band’s history, beginning with the original quartet and right up through the final seven-piece combo. Much more to come on this project in the coming weeks.


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