Wilco amazes at Solid Sound Festival

Wilco could have played all night Saturday and nobody would have complained.

Okay, maybe a neighbor or two above Joe’s Field, the venue for the mainstage shows.

Wilco created the Solid Sound Festival at MASS MoCA, so it’s not a surprise that it is a great event. But it’s the friendliest, least commercialized music festival I can remember. It’s a very pleasant surprise.

Wilco played nearly 2 1/2 hours with just a short break before the encore set. You can find a set list elsewhere (I’ll try to find a good link when I’m at a computer), but suffice to say that every album was represented. (I was hoping for “Passenger Side” from A.M., but didn’t get that.)

This show was no sell-the-new-CD trip. Jeff Tweedy and company were having a great time and it showed.

Here’s hoping they make the Solid Sound Festival an annual thing. It’s a great core concept and MASS MoCA is a perfect, well-run venue for it.

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