A Klezmer/Funkadelic storm hits (Le) Poisson Rouge

David Krakauer, Socalled and Fred Wesley are Abraham Inc.

Klezmer king David Krakauer, the tirelessly inventive clarinetist who leads Klezmer Madness!, trombonist Fred Wesley (whose credits include stints with James Brown, George Clinton’s Parliament/Funkadelic and the Count Basie Orchestra) and frequent Krakauer collaborator Socalled (a DJ whose real name is Josh Dolgin), are coming together at Manhattan’s (Le) Poisson Rouge tomorrow night to celebrate the release of Tweet Tweet, their debut CD as Abraham Inc.

If you’re one of those people who still thinks that the clarinet isn’t cool, and that klezmer is the music of your grandparents— something you’ve worked hard to escape — think again. Krakauer has been at the forefront of a modern movement to make klezmer cool, and he succeeds more every day.

Watch the video below, then check out this show, or get the CD, and you’ll be convinced. Sure, they’re three kinda goofy guys, but when they start grooving, they skillfully weave together elements of klezmer, funk and hip hop to create a really fresh sound.

Abraham Inc. with Girls in Trouble. 7 pm tomorrow (Thursday, Feb. 25) at (Le) Poisson Rouge, 158 Bleecker Street, Manhattan. $25 in advance. Tickets available here.

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