The unknown Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan or homeless man?

Bob Dylan or homeless man?

Can you believe that Bob Dylan was mistaken for a homeless man on the streets of Long Branch, N.J.?

The crazy story, in which a cop swept the eccentric singer-songerwriter off the street into a patrol car, is reported by’s Chris Francescani:

Dylan, 68, one of the most celebrated, eccentric artists in American history, was in the area on July 23 as part of a national concert tour — a fact lost on 24-year-old Long Branch police officer Kristie Buble.

To hear the young New Jersey police officer describe it, the scene was like something out of one of Dylan’s epic song-poems: It was pouring rain, Dylan was soaked and wandering alone, far from the traveling home of his entourage of tour buses.

When Dylan wandered into the yard of a home that had a “For Sale” sign on it, the home’s occupants became spooked by his appearance and called police with a report of an “eccentric-looking old man” in their yard, Long Branch Police said. One of the occupants even went so far as to follow Dylan as he continued on down the street.

To read the whole, wacky story, click here.


One response to “The unknown Bob Dylan

  1. Pretty sad.
    Well, ok, maybe not.
    “The times …. they are a-changing”, as he said.
    Well indeed they are, if the younger generation has to ask Bob Dylan for ID?
    Good; that means that as a 55-year-old baby-boomer I now have the right to retire and if the younger generation do not know what Bob Dylan looks like they can darn well now take over and pay our Social Security and Medicare and let us listen to our “Highway 61” albums (yes, ALBUMS, as in ………… vinyl !).

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