Who I am and why you’ll miss me

Steven P. Marsh

I am a longtime professional journalist based in the New York-Metro area. I believe that the Carter Family is the root of almost everything good about American popular music, and named this blog in the Carters’ honor.

I love music more than just about anything. When I’m not working at my day job, I’m likely to be at a club, concert or theater, or listening to or reading and writing about music.

In addition to being an avid consumer of all types of music, I’ve helped expose artists through my involvement in booking a small chamber series in suburban New York.

And I’m no stranger to performance. I can pick out a tune on the piano and am a trained singer who has performed classical and operatic vocal repertoire at a variety of venues from suburban churches and concert halls to Carnegie Hall in New York City and Kleinhans Music Hall in Buffalo.

I use this blog to write about things that are near and dear to my heart. You’ll rarely, if ever, read something negative here. That’s not because I love everything and have no critical faculties. It’s just that life is too short to spend time on things I don’t like. If I’m writing about it, it’s likely to be something I think is worth sharing.

I don’t expect my readers to agree with everything I say here, but I am eager to for comments, pro and con, on what I publish here.

Bring it on!


8 responses to “Who I am and why you’ll miss me

  1. You’ll forget more musical knowledge than I’ll ever know, bud. Good luck with the blog; if there’s anything y’ever want from me, give a shout.

    I’ve got a mini-crime blog going: Borough6.wordpress.com

    I’m also doing a freelance gig with Examiner.

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  3. Nice to visit your blog, especially that of a fellow journalist and music lover! I’m a Sydney, Australia based music blogger, feel welcome to check out my page and say hi!

  4. Hey, saw your blog and figured i’d let you know of The Narrowbacks upcoming gigs in Rockland County. We play a fusion of punk and Irish Americana Folk music. Come out for a good time!

    Halfway to St. Patricks Day Party
    Friday September 16th
    The Clover Leaf
    Orangeburg, NY

    Halfway to Saint Patricks Day
    Saturday September 17th
    Rory Dolans
    Yonkers, NY

    Saturday September 17th
    O’Malley’s Of Nyack

    Sunday September 18th
    Iona College
    New Rochelle, NY

    Friday September 23rd
    Killarney Pub
    Brooklyn, NY

    Saturday September 24th
    Murty Public House
    10 Year Anniversary
    Pearl River, NY

    Saturday October 8th
    Maguires Public House
    Woodside, NY

    Saturday October 15th
    The Heritage
    Yonkers, NY

  5. So glad you found my blog so I in turn could find yours! Thanks for becoming a new reader; I’ve followed you as well and look forward to reading more.

  6. Thanks. Clearly lots to get my teeth into here. Regards from Thom at the immortal jukebox (always ready to play)

  7. Hi Steven,
    Hope I am not too late to tell you about two kids from New City who met in middle school and formed a band. That was 40 years ago and The Mighty Spectrum Band is still going strong with fans all over Rockland, New Jersey and Westchester. And this Saturday night they are playing in NYC for the very first time – at BB King Blues Club. Terrific local news story??

  8. Just found your blog, and couldn’t be happier. Been a musician and music educator in Rockland for a long time. Can’t believe I hadn’t heard about the new record store in Nyack. Thanks!

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